Yellow Pages (UK) has redesigned.

Though I like the simplicity, I think spasmodic explosion of activity that occurs when I role over the Maps, Shopping or Food & Drink links is likely to make me pull the remainder of my hair out in a very short amount of time.

Whatever possessed them to do this?


3 responses to “ redesigns

  1. They aren’t the only people to redesign, and fortunately have got it right. Much easier to use, and no sign of any hair pulling!

  2. simplerisbetter


    It looks like you’ve done some good work there, but it strikes me there is still a bit of distance to go. For example, Popular searches. I can see that you might be trying to broaden people’s understanding of what’s offered on the site by exposing a few links, but it feels like clutter to me.

    Also what’s all this Local Area stuff? I know you have local in your name, but you don’t even know where I am and you’re giving me “local” weather and a “local feature”.

    Certainly less spasmodic than Yell, but still some good usability fights to be fought methinks.



    Upon revisiting the Yell site I notice that they have removed the rollover functionality on the site sections. All seems a whole lot better to me.

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