Agile UCD

I am bit behind the curve on this one, but I recently got around to reading the latest articles published in the UPA’s Journal of Usability Studies.

Amongst a number of excellent articles, Desiree Sy‘s article about Adapting Usability Investigations for Agile User-Centred Design. The article provides a great introduction to Agile and UCD, including some healthy challenges for how usability practitioners have to adapt our working practices and deliverables. Of particular interest to me were the following:

  • “We present the design in person to the developer(s)
  • “…we had a key insight: we ourselves are the primary readers of design documents. We can, therefore, write the shortest documents that still capture the information we need to reference”

  • “Just as formative usability test results allow us to iterate on the design of a product, now the Agile team’s responsiveness to contextual inquiry results allows us to iterate on the requirements for a product.
  • The total size of the description/specification of two key UI widgets were 1,215 and 735 words!

The full article can be found in the May edition of the Journal of Usability Studies.


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