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The perils of contextual advertising

Working for a media publishing behemoth, I am acutely aware of the necessity of advertising revenues for many organisations – doesn’t mean I like advertising though!

One of the holy grails of advertising in the online media space is highly contextualised advertising. This advert on Yahoo News (spotted by a colleague on Adpulp) highlights the perils of automated contextual advertising.


Makes you really fancy a second cup eh!


The opt in opt out dance

The UK Daily Telegraph’s marketeers are doing an amazingly good job of encouraging me (or is it confusing me!) into signing up to receive a range of marketing goodies.

Daily Telegraph t&c’s

I appreciate these guys make their corn from duping the likes of me into opting into these things (and I’ll admit to smirking at the lengths they’ve gone to), but seriously what is the harm to the brand in them trying to befuddle and confuse me into opting in?

The way to navigate this marketing sea is as follows:

  • Uncheck
  • Check
  • Check
  • Uncheck
  • Check

Can they honestly say they aren’t trying to dupe people into signing up? And if they are trying to dupe people, won’t this just backfire on them? Or am I being terribly naive? I guess this is a case of value of marketing list vs cost of annoyed customer. I wonder if there is any cost analysis done on this type of thing?