Monthly Archives: August 2007

Flow’s site redesigns

My friends at Flow have finally launched their redesigned site. It is looking good too – though I am hopelessly lopsided in my opinion. I will declare that I was partially involved in the project management, IA and design of the site (I even did a bit of usability testing on it) in the early to mid stages of the project last year.

I am very pleased to see that the site is finally live. It gives what is a vibrant, UCD company a far more representative online persona. The new content (especially the case studies) give a truer reflection of the stature of the companies Flow is working for – and the approach with which they tackle projects.

Sadly many of the online pioneers have Flow NDA-ed up to the hilt – there are many more great stories about the clients Flow are working with. But the case studies that are there tell a really compelling story about the benefits that UCD can bring.

  • Increasing traffic to the Guardian Travel by 55%
  • Exceeding business targets for Standard Life by 75%
  • Increasing online sales for the Early Learning Centre by 33%

I’d be interested to hear what you think of the redesign (I’m sure Flow would be too).