Car stereos

I’m currently spending a lot of time in borrowed cars as I make my way around New South Wales conducting research at a whole host of schools. Sitting in the passenger seat as NSW’s many kilometers click by can be a tad dull – and I’ve found myself fiddling with the car stereo quite a bit.

I was very taken by the Loud button on this stereo inside the Ford we were driving.

Loud button

The label reminds me of Nigel Tufnell explaining why his guitar amp goes up to 11 in This is Spinal Tap (“it’s one louder”).

I did a straw poll in the car as to what they felt the button might do. The suggestions were:

  • It will kick the bass in like a “Mega Bass” button like handheld stereos sometimes have
  • The people who want to use it will know what it is.

I am not so keen on the second answer. I pressed the button to find out what it would do and hey presto nothing. We tried turning the bass down really low and then pressing it, but still nothing.

I investigated the manual. This is the only reference to the Loud button in the manual.


Ah – so Loud means loud. The richness of insight offered is truly overwhelming.

The only conclusion we could draw is that the button wasn’t working!


2 responses to “Car stereos

  1. As far as I can remember, this button is meant to increase the amplification of certain parts of the audible spectrum in order to make the music/speech ‘easier’ to hear. In effect making it seem louder, without changing the actual volume.

    So the button might be suitably labeled, but the manual’s explanation is pretty stupid.

  2. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

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