Leopard: the way upgrades should be

I finally got around to upgrading to Leopard, Apple’s latest operating system.

I disbelieved the sales rep in the Apple store when he told me that anyone could do the upgrade and it would take around 45 minutes, but after going through the installation I truly believe anyone (just about anyone) could do it.

It kind of worked the way it should work, i.e. not the way that any previous upgrade of an operating system has ever worked for me.

Typically upgrading your operating system means handing your computer over to some highly trained, but socially inadequate individual for a couple of days, but with the Leopard upgrade I just inserted the DVD and following 2 (or was it 3) pages of simple instructions and then it went and did its thing for 45 minutes (plus another 1hr).

So hey I was lied to about how long it takes, but the seamless way in which it kept everything I had on my computer yet made it snazzier and zappier really impressed me.

But it is never 100% right!

The only slight criticism I have is that the instruction that you need 9Gb of space for the installation is too late in the process. Something as significant as this should be clearly stated on an entry page before the computer restarts.


2 responses to “Leopard: the way upgrades should be

  1. I am socially inadequate but still have trouble with upgrades 🙂

  2. simplerisbetter

    Yes Pat, I didn’t mean to infer that all social inadequates could successfully upgrade all operating systems, but they’d make a damn good stab at the Leopard upgrade methinks.

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