Monthly Archives: June 2008

Apple teaches Telstra about customer experience

The new Apple store opened in Sydney to much fanfare this week. According to reports people came from as far afield as California just to be there when the store opened. And what a gleaming, glass fronted store it is.

On visiting the store I was struck by the proximity to Telstra’s much heralded T Life store, literally just across the road. Telstra launched the T Life store with much ceremony. To quote Telstra’s CEO, Mr Sol Trujillo:

It provides one of the most compelling customer experiences that can be found anywhere in the world and will be a key differentiator in the market.

(Oh the irony! Apple must be having quite a laugh.)

For those of you who haven’t ventured into Telstra’s store, it is a very pleasant single story wooden floored shop. It is customer experience in a fairly minimalist way, but certainly quite a step compared to other Telstra shops.

“Key differentiator in the market”? I think not.

The shop is now dwarfed in all terms by the Apple experience just across the road. What now Telstra?

On the day of my visit to the Apple store, two Telstra staff were outside the shop desperately trying to drum up interest in a free raffle. The contrast between the two stores, and the attitudes of staff and customers towards them was marked.


Matt Jones’ on social software and social networks

I was catching up on some blogs and came across Matt Jones’ presentation on Social Software and Social Networks at Adaptive Path’s MX conference. Matt’s the co-founder and lead designer at Dopplr. Matt has long been banging the drum of social networking – and his presentation gives a great introduction to his thinking. Well worth a clickthrough.

I particularly liked the quote he chose to describe serendipity from Julius Comroe Jr.

Serendipity is looking in a haystack for a needle and discovering a farmer’s daughter.

Makes you want to go out and do more research!

Trends in blog activity

I have been writing this blog for around a year now. Periodically I look at the stats provided by the WordPress Dashboard (call me vain but it is nice to know you’re being read!).

When I look at the unique visitors by day there are two things that stand out clearly:

  • Saturday is always the day with the lowest number of visitors.
  • Monday is always the day with the most or second most traffic.

What does this mean? As with any data I could read endless things into the pure statistics. What I need is a bit of insight provided by user research to augment the raw data.

I wonder if other bloggers have similar experiences?