Trends in blog activity

I have been writing this blog for around a year now. Periodically I look at the stats provided by the WordPress Dashboard (call me vain but it is nice to know you’re being read!).

When I look at the unique visitors by day there are two things that stand out clearly:

  • Saturday is always the day with the lowest number of visitors.
  • Monday is always the day with the most or second most traffic.

What does this mean? As with any data I could read endless things into the pure statistics. What I need is a bit of insight provided by user research to augment the raw data.

I wonder if other bloggers have similar experiences?


2 responses to “Trends in blog activity

  1. I see the same thing at Another HCI Blog. Low weekend traffic, high early in the week traffic. Are you aware of any trending in your posting habits?

  2. No insight, just guesses:

    – You usually find the time to add new posts over the weekend, so no new content on a Saturday

    – People read weblogs at work not on the weekend, so don’t see your new post until Monday.

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