Prototyping rich internet applications (RIAs)

Commenting on a thread on the IxDA discussion list, Jared Spool points us in the direction of this fantastic low-fi example for communicating about a rich internet application.

I certainly like the power of the stop-motion video, but as with any form of interactive prototype if it means going away from your core skills it means unnecessary time learning the tool you’re using to create the prototype.


2 responses to “Prototyping rich internet applications (RIAs)

  1. The nice thing about stop action video the way Commoncraft does is that with a decent camera and simple editing tools, it’s pretty easy to throw together something fairly crude, but effective.

    • simplerisbetter

      I will certainly consider it when appropriate – I like the output and I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from innovating!

      But having lost hours (days and even weeks in some cases) to learning prototyping tools (Axure, Flash, Denim, etc), I think it is always important to recognise you limitations, understand where you provide the most value, and acknowledge where you can fast-track things by collaborating with others.

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