Who is this sign for?

(not the Grey Street one!)


4 responses to “Who is this sign for?

  1. What sign? Who said that?

    Seriously, I guess it’s the equivalent of any other sign warning motorists to expect possibly unusual actions of a blind person, child, kangaroo, etc. The difference with a blind person is, you might expect them to be able to see you (blind people look the same)

  2. I agree with Keith, it’s to warn motorists of blind people crossing.
    These signs are quite common actually.

  3. So are drivers supposed to react any differently for blind pedestrians? Surely if *anyone* stepped out and attempted to cross the road in front of you, you’d act accordingly.

  4. It is obviously more likely that people who are blind cross at that point – there must be a school or other services for the blind near by.

    The point is that they are less likely to be aware of motorists than sighted pedestrians, so motorists need to be even more aware.

    I don’t understand why this is even a point of discussion.

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