About me

This is the outboard motor of Iain Barker. I use design approaches to tackle large scale business problems, help businesses to see new ways of thinking, explore opportunities and turn ideas into tangible realities. I think of it as service design or interaction design.

In the past I’ve worked as a usability consultant, user researcher, user experience architect, information architect, information designer and tea boy (that last bit ain’t completely true).

Originally from the UK, I’ve been living and working in Sydney, Australia since 2004.

I am one of the founders and principals of Meld Studios, an interaction and service design studio based in Sydney, Australia.

Aside from working and occasionally writing on this blog, my other work includes co-author of the Intranet review toolkit (sponsored by the IA Institute), Measuring the success of a classification system on Boxes and Arrows, What is information architecture, Information scent: helping people find the content they want and a host of other articles available on the Step Two Designs site (where I used to work).

What is this blog about

I am fed up with organisations that deliver poor customer experience. Through this blog I will point the finger, name names and generally encourage the development of better experiences for us all.


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