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UX Australia 2009

Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problemI presented some thoughts around design pragmatism and idealism at UX Australia. I’ve uploaded the presentation to Slideshare, Pragmatism or Idealism: a user experience conundrum.

The presentation focussed on some of the interesting philosophical challenges I’ve found myself facing as I’ve taken user experience leadership roles on projects involving high degrees of complexity – and thus compromise.

I will extract the key themes from the presentation into a post over the next few days, but for the time being these images capture the essence of what I was attempting to convey.

Sometimes good has to be good enough

Design is compromise

I believe audio files and slides from the conference will be published soon. I am sure I’ll post links some of the talks I particularly enjoyed once I track them down.


Iterative design alone can’t save us!

This was the subject of my slightly controversial presentation of this year’s OZ-IA conference. My talk wasn’t against iterative design, but definitely in favour of early stage contextual research to fully understand the user landscape in which you’re creating a solution for.

I am sure I’ll blog around many of the topics from the presentation in the coming weeks, but in the meantime my slides can be found at

There is also a streaming video of the presentation. The visual quality isn’t the greatest (I’m the dot on the stage). But the mixture of slideshare and the video will make it like you were there yourself!

Video can be found at – you’ll have to dig around a bit, I can’t give a direct URL, but I’m far the right of the second row of videos.

I’m talking at OZ IA

I busily pulling together my talk for the OZ IA conference on the 22nd and 23rd September in Sydney. Full details of the conference can be found at the OZ-IA website.

I’ll be talking on what I thought was going to be the fairly prosaic subject of page length. But following some research and discussions with ex-colleagues, I think I could have a lively (ish) talk on my hands.

If you’re in the neighbourhood come and say hello.