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Can advertising kill?

Apologies for the sensationalism of the post title (I did used to work for News Limited!), but I spotted this on my way to work this morning:

Which all fine and dandy until you see the context in which the advert is placed:

Is it really responsible and sensible to put a large slogan saying in bold capitals “RED MEANS GO” next to a set of traffic lights?

I am slightly worried that there is a hint of nanny state coming out in my reaction to this, but in a culturally mixed city such as Sydney, such an advert feels like it could lead to accidents

It also got me wondering, is red universally used as a stop sign on traffic lights? Seem like it is according to Wikipedia. But even so, if I were in a new country and saw a bold sign saying “RED MEANS GO” I might assume that I walked/accelerated on red even if it wasn’t what I was expecting (after all everything else in Australia is upside-down so the traffic lights could be kooky too).