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Announcing Meld Studios (day 50)

I have been a bit tardy in making this announcement public (read too busy), but it is with great pleasure that I’d like to announce that I’ve teamed up with Steve Baty and Janna DeVylder to form Meld Studios.

I fully intended to start blogging about the experience of setting up a new company (a la Berg’s blog), but  as with previous best intentions, I won’t be placing bets on me actually doing this!

My summary of the first 50 days is as follows:

It is great to be part of a team

It is great to be working with other people. I have spent the past four years working as a freelancer/contractor. Although I’ve had some long-term gigs, it can be a lonely business. The ability to discuss things with people who have an equal vested interest in a successful outcome is wonderful.

I am also finding that the discipline of planning and strategising, that working with others forces upon you, is fascinating. So often we muddle through, but I’m finding myself question, challenge and think far more about decisions that previously I would have ducked.

You need to compartmentalise

Balancing the roles of owner, boss, practitioner, father and husband is tough. I feel I am cheating the edges at times.

Even the good times can be stressful

We are inundated with work (if you’re a potential client please don’t let this put you off!). We are finding we’re having to turn down projects that previously I’d have torn my right arm off for. The power of a team eh!

Where did all the hours go?

I can’t believe we’re 50 days into this. The time has just flown by. I am finding I’m working more hours, but I am really enjoying it. As Janna has said “we are so in start-up mode!”.