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Apple bigger than Microsoft

How things change eh!

But today at 4pm New York time, the final step in the transformation was complete as Apple’s market cap of $222.1bn (£155bn), and rising, passed Microsoft’s $219.2bn, which has been on a slow downward path for months. Taking debt into account, Apple’s business had already passed Microsoft’s in value.



Who is this sign for?

(not the Grey Street one!)

Trouble finding the time to work differently

I am sure you know the story, you spend so much time doing the work that you have limited time to reflect upon what you’ve done and learn from it, and even less time to experiment with new tools that could make your job easier, but carry a learning curve with them.

I am sure this isn’t unique to freelancers (which I currently am – or am I a contractor? I never can quite tell the difference!).

Anyway my New Years pledge this year is going to be to try out a new tool each month and blog about my experiences. Some candidates for my attention are a series of wireframing/mock-up tools that I’ve singularly failed to play around with. Namely:

Feel free to suggest some ideas either here, or directly to me.

Good vs Evil?

Is Wednesday’s Champion’s League Final the ultimate battle of Good vs Evil?

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UNICEF vs AIG has there ever been a more disparate meeting of corporate sponsors?

Google are giving away millions for ideas

Google’s Project 10 to the 100th is promising to give away millions for people’s great ideas.

Why come up with your own ideas when you can get others to do it for you eh!

Interactive exhibit on a budget

I was amused by this while at Ellesmere Visitor Centre:

Both my wife and I felt compelled to give it a go. Just goes to show an interactive exhibit can be created on any budget!