Monthly Archives: May 2010

Apple bigger than Microsoft

How things change eh!

But today at 4pm New York time, the final step in the transformation was complete as Apple’s market cap of $222.1bn (£155bn), and rising, passed Microsoft’s $219.2bn, which has been on a slow downward path for months. Taking debt into account, Apple’s business had already passed Microsoft’s in value.



Recognition for the School Website Service

I am very pleased to hear that the New South Wales’ Department of Education and Training’s School Website Service won the Federal eGovernment Award for Online Service Delivery.

It is recognition of a lot of hard work by a lot of people (one of which for a period of time was me).

The award was hot on the heals of them announcing that over 1,000 schools in New South Wales are voluntarily using (and paying for) the service. This is a phenomenal achievement for all involved.

My involvement was leading the research to inform the initial design of the School Website Service, and then leading the subsequent design effort. My day-to-day engagement with the project has long since withered, but I am very chuffed for the recognition that Faruk Avdi, James Hunter and others in the team are now getting.